Volunteer Appreciation

Our volunteers mean the world to staff and students at West Side Summit. We have community members, families of students, and many others come in to either help us in the classroom, lunchroom, or office to do work that ensures West Side Summit is functioning at its best.

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To the right is a photo of one of our Experience Corps, Miss Frannie surprising our 3rd grade class during their field trip to the Minnesota Zoo. Frannie continually goes above and beyond to show our scholars how much she cares and supports them as well as constantly being a supporter of our staff. We have loved the opportunity to host Frannie at West Side Summit as a volunteer and would like to put her in the spotlight for all the amazing tutoring and extra work she does for us. You always go above and beyond and it makes as feel so loved!





Along with the amazing Miss Frannie we have a whole team of beloved Experience Corps members! Their work at West Side Summit is incomparable and we are so lucky to have had them working at our school. Here are a few photos from an appreciation breakfast in their honor!





In addition to her work as an Experience Corps volunteer, Miss Barb put her extensive experience as an educator to work and has often filled in as a substitute teacher at West Side Summit. We appreciate the work she does here at WSS as well cannot thank her enough for her recent donation of $500 towards Science and Social Studies Curriculum! Thank you Barb for all of your hard work and dedication to WSS!





We are also so lucky for our volunteer handyman, Keith! WSS is so grateful for the hard work Keith puts in to make sure our school is running to the best of its ability by building shelves, mounting phones, and so much more!!

Thank you so much to all of our volunteers!!

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