Our Values

Successful schools have consistent and effective school cultures that build high expectations for all students with staff and focus students on high levels of academic performance.

With the rigors of top-notch colleges and workplaces awaiting our students, West Side Summit prepares our students culturally for the climates of individual hard work and purposeful collaboration that permeate such environments.

Our students, teachers, parents, and leaders will honor our school-wide CRED values at all times. Each has a simple, student-friendly definition to help them serve as guideposts in daily life and work at school.

1. Community: We build trust, friendship, and community so everyone can succeed.

2. Responsibility: We take responsibility for our actions and hold others accountable to their actions so everyone learns.

3. Efficacy: We can learn anything we set our minds to and are always ready to learn something new.

4. Diversity: We strive to understand the people and ideas around us. When we know more about each other, we can work together.

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