Our Values

Successful schools have consistent and effective school cultures that build high expectations for all students with staff and focus students on high levels of academic performance.  Our core values serve as a guiding light as we work toward that realization.

C.L.I.M.B. to the top at West Side Summit!


At West Side Summit we encourage one another to take risks, ask big questions and have hard conversations. We recognize that in order to empower young scholars to be tomorrow’s leaders, we must have innovative thoughts and bold actions.



West Side Summit staff, families and scholars seek to understand one another by emphasizing kindness and compassion as we move one another forward and upward.  We believe that love is foundational in finding happiness in the face of today’s economic, social and political obstacles.



West Side Summit staff are determined to model and instill academic confidence and emotional intelligence that will enable scholars and their families to have a meaningful impact on their own life journey and in our broader community.



At West Side Summit we honor and celebrate the effort and growth of each individual. We place high value in cheering one another on as we climb foothills and mountains to face a challenge, overcome it and move on to the next!



We believe that in a healthy community, everyone has an opportunity to contribute. The strong and genuine relationships between staff, families and scholars generates an environment of trust, safety and friendship where all are welcome.

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