Board of Directors

Welcome to the West Side Summit Board of Directors page! 

Board meeting minutes:

WSS Minutes for 2019

WSS Minutes for 2018

WSS Minutes for 2017
WSS Minutes for 2016
WSS Minutes for 2015

Board Roster

Board Committee Meeting Minutes:

Committee Minutes for 2018

Current West Side Summit Board Members

Shukri Abdul, PARENT

Agustina Borroel, PARENT

Glory Kibbel, COMMUNITY MEMBER, Board Treasurer 

William Nordmark, COMMUNITY MEMBER, Board Chair

Melanie Niewendorp, TEACHER Board Secretary 

Board Documents

Bylaws, revised 06.30.14

Board Policies

100 Series
102 Equal Educational Opportunity
103 Grievances

300 Series

301 Admission Procedures (Admission Process as well as Lottery Process)
Early Kindergarten Admissions Policy

400 Series
401 Equal Employment Opportunity
402 Disability Nondiscrimination
406 Public And Private Personnel Data
410 Family And Medical Leave
412 Travel and Expense Reimbursement
413 Harassment And Violence
417 Chemical Use And Abuse
418 Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free School
419 Tobacco-Free Environment
493 Nepotism

500 Series
501 School Weapons
502 Search Of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions, And Student’s Person
504 Student Dress And Appearance
506 Student Discipline
514 Bullying Prohibition
515 Protection And Privacy Of Pupil Records
516 Student Medication
521 Student Disability Nondiscrimination
522 Student Sex Nondiscrimination
524 Internet Acceptable Use And Safety
526 Hazing Prohibition
531 Pledge Of Allegiance
532 Use Of Peace Officers And Crisis Teams To Remove Students With IEPs From School Grounds
533 Wellness

600 Series
609 Religion

700 Series
701 Establishment and Adoption of School Budget and Expenditure Authority Policy
702 Procurement Policy and Procedures for the Federal CSP Grant
709 Student Transportation Safety

-791 Credit Card Use

Record Retention Policy

Fund Balance Policy

-210 Conflict of Interest

-West Side Summit Procurement Procedure

800 Series
801 Equal Access To School Facilities
806 Crisis Management
807 Health And Safety

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