• Updated Contact Information

    The West Side Summit office at 497 Humboldt is now permanently closed. Please call (651) 243-8495 or e-mail if you need assistance or information.

West Side Summit will sadly be closed moving forward. All remaining student records have been transferred to students' resident districts. If you need additional information or support, please call (651) 243-8495 or e-mail
Helpful Information for Families
  1. Families can find their child's records at their district of residence; for example, St. Paul Public Schools, West St. Paul Schools, South St. Paul schools, etc.
  2. Find information here that outlines information regarding where and how to find a new school.
  3. Find information here that outlines the demographics, reading performance as well as math performance in an easy to read format for a variety of public and charter schools in the St. Paul area.

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